Be Unique. Be Minsk.

Belarus, and particularly Minsk are proud to be hosting the European Athletics Championships in Summer 2019. Never one to shirk a challenge, Contented were tasked with filming in Minsk in winter with a clear brief to create a film that felt and looked like the height of summer! Our client Euronews relied on us to create initial concepts, work up storyboards and shooting scripts, activate our local network of cinematographers, producers, lighting designers and sound recordists and bring it all together in our best in class editing and post-production facilities.

Creative Director
Paul Reid

Pavel Skakuin

Focus Puller
Andrey Puntus

Ekaterina Yavid
Lev Parhalin
Maria Muha
Andrey Podkas

Exec. Producer
Phil Horbury

Matt Ashmore

Sound Operator
Nikita Savchenko

Oleg Atiakshev

Producer Asst.
Alina Ryzheuskaya

Anton Zolotuhin