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England & Wales Cricket Board

Working closely with the Events team at the England & Wales Cricket Board, we have created a suite of over 500+ animated assets to be used on the venue screens at cricket stadiums across the country for all formats of international and domestic cricket.

With over eight specific competition brands, we have built and delivered a variety of
bespoke video and MGFX packages essential to the England Cricket match day and viewing experience of those attending the live games.

The process includes taking each project from start to finish; conceiving the creative / branding, building the assets from scratch and working with client to deliver full asset suites, all whilst fostering a brilliant collaborative relationship with the ECB Events team.

Example deliverable and assets include:

  • Big screen score animations, including wickets, 4s, 6s and other key match information.

  • Inspirational videos played before the game to hype up the crowd.

  • LED animations displayed around the ground.

  • Static messaging crucial for in bowl experience.

  • Specific player MGFX per game, creating custom and detailed match-day output.

  • Key sponsor messages embedded into the creative when needed.

  • All combined to create a full package for the Events team in-stadium experience.


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