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The Challenge

Every 10 years The Marketing Society hosts an awards ceremony where a collection of the worlds biggest brands, such as Nike, Disney, Coke, Sky and more, all come together to wine and dine as well as look back on their past achievements. This time it was their diamond anniversary.

Our brief was to
design a logo that celebrated the 60th anniversary of The Marketing Society and influences the design of the event’s branding through print and digital.

60th Logo.png


We took three approaches, each with their own

unique characteristics:


Shards of Time


This design plays on those angles to create an abstract monogram that sits atop lines, representing the the fluctuating nature of advertising world and its history. This would be further pushed through the motion output for the event.



An ever morphing monogram of the number “60” that can shape-shift into the various decades prior. This design was created to represent the shift and growth of companies and cultures over the years.



Playing on the theme of a diamond anniversary, the third and final concept creates a “60” that’s comprised of crystal fragments, demonstrating, not only the glamour of the event itself, but to promote the idea that all industries and business have a place on the advertising world stage, and that collaboration can lead to new perspectives and ideas.

Sketch 01.jpeg
Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 14.49.57.png
Gumtree Anchor

The Methodology

The finalised design for the logo mark was made to stay close to The Marketing Society’s brand by taking various embellishments and colours from their identity and moulding it to match the event.

Its angular form takes from the diagonal aesthetic that TMS has adopted for years in their brand. There needed to be more than just a static influence on the design. It had to motivate motion and push for creativity in how that was carried out.

Screenshot 2022-06-10 at 14.59.18.png
Print 03.png


The awards ceremony took place in the heart of London, with up to 500 attendees. A series of assets were created as part of the event decor. Formats included banners, walls, menus, step-and-repeat boards, and more. These were then used and displayed around the venue on the night of the ceremony, as well as other printed assets handed out physically to attendees at the event.

Print 02.png
Print 01.png
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